Nexans N101.214HO

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LANmark-6 Patch Cords

  • Complies with the latest Category 6 standards
  • Uses Nexans cable technology
  • Fully matched with other components for maximum performance
  • Unscreened & Screened or Ultim
  • LSZH Flame retardant jacket as standard


International ISO/IEC 11801



LANmark-6 patch cords can be used to deliver a full end-to-end Class E solution.

LANmark-6 Ultim cords offer superior performance and deliver an additional 6dB channel ACR headroom. They can also be used for accurate field testing of channel performance. They provide improved data throughput and allows for the inclusion of a cross-connect or Consolidation Points for maximum system flexibility. They will also maximise the lifetime and long term performance of the system by minimising the risk of wear & tear damage which can be caused by using non-matched cords

  • High Speed Multimedia patch cords


  • Small cross section allows neat installation and simplifies the creation of bundles in cabinets.
  • A Low Smoke Zero Halogen - Flame Retardant jacket is standard.
  • 1, 2, 3 and 5m are standard lengths, other lengths are available on demand.
  • 15 m is standard length for single end patch cord. Other lengths are available on demand.
  • Orange and dark grey are standard.
  • Rugged construction.



اطلاعات تکميلي

  • Type of cable:
  • Screen:
  • Drain wire:
  • Sheath colour:
  • Lead free:
  • Outer sheath:
  • Diameter over insulation:
  • Number of pairs:
  • Nominal outer diameter:
  • Approximate weight:
  • Conductor cross-section (AWG):
  • Characteristic impedance:
  • Max. transfer impedance at 30 MHz (Ohm/km):
  • Mutual capacitance:
  • Max. DC resistance of the conductor at 20°C:
  • Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP):
  • Skew:
  • Propagation delay, max. 100 MHz:
  • Maximum pulling force by laying:
  • Category:
  • Ambient installation temperature, range:
  • Operating temperature, range:
  • Electro magnetic interference resistance:
  • Laying operation bending radius:
  • Minimum static operating bending radius:
  • Flame retardant:
  • Fire load:
  • Range:
  • Length:
  • Packaging:
  • Field of application:
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